Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Great Day

OMG, I had the most amazing day with the kids. You know, sometimes when the hubby is gone, it's a chore to keep the kids occupied all day. But with today's beautiful weather, it was, literally, a breeze.

First, we had breakfast while we watched Star Wars. Yeah, Roo might be a little young for it, but the first one (from the 70s) is pretty tame. Anyway, then we went to Roo's dance class, during which she was very cute and during which the boy drew and fawned over a little book he made (which is so cute). Then, a trip to the health food store for snacks.

Then we went to the beach, and it was so awesome. The weather was perfect. Little Roo ran around in the water and was so cute. Schmoo looked for crabs and other creatures in the sand.

Then, off for fish and chips. And the kids did not even cry when I told them they couldn't get ice cream because we were heading to a party later, during which I knew they'd eat tons of cookies.

Home for their bath and my shower, then off to the party. Not a kid party mind you, but a party for grown-ups that had LOTS of kids. Which is the perfect kind because I get to talk to my grown-friends while my kids run around with other kids.

I took jammies and toothbrushes to the party so the kids would be ready for bed in case their conked out on the way home, which the little one did.

At home, they went straight to bed. No fuss. Just a lot of kisses and SO many "I love yous" and "you're the bests." Maternal heaven.

And now I'm watching Sex and the City: The Movie because my husband is gone for the night.


Amstr said...

Your day sounds so lovely! Every mom needs a great day like that at least once a year, I think.

medieval woman said...

Lady, that does sound like an amazing day! And I still bring my jammies and a toothbrush to parties...