Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here We Go. Again.

Strep throat, round two. Kid #2. Weekend #2. Let the Netflix, amoxicillin, and jello stream like rivers into my household.

In other news, I downloaded a few new articles so that I can read one tomorrow and meet my first week's deadline for the new plan. One of the titles seems alarmingly like my own topic. I'm hoping to find that it is of great use to me rather than a fatal shot to my "originality."


Anonymous said...

Dudette, what's your email?

Ink said...

May healing vibeage surround your domicile with wellness...


Good Enough Woman said...

Unicorn, I just set up an e-mail account at

You can be the first to test it.

ink, Thank you! And may you also be healthy and have a few moments that are free of yogurt-related demands.