Monday, April 4, 2011

Recovery Road

So after the Boy came down with strep throat last Saturday, the Girl cam down with a fever last Sunday. She was already on antibiotics for her case of strep, so I figured it was viral. At first I thought it might be the flu, mostly because of the power of the fever, which lasted through Friday and often got up to 104.5 and lingered around 103. But by Wednesday night, I figured out that it was probably tonsillitis (because of the fact that she was having difficulty breathing at night even though she didn't have nasal congestion). I need to call the doctor today to get results of the throat culture that she had on Thursday, but, at this point, it's mostly academic because she's better.

Thank goodness. Not only is it difficult to see one of my children feeling so sick, but it's hard to maintain other aspects of life during the illness. I'm still tired from spending the nights in her room, keeping a cool cloth on her head and repositioning her so she could breathe.

But now she's better, and I thnk we can back to our regularly scheduled program.

My fingers are crossed.


Ink said...

Oh, dear! Hugs to everyone there!

Anonymous said...

holy moly. here's some chee for when you scrub down the doorknobs and dishes.

loveskidlit said...

104.5? Holy cats.

Glad to hear she's better. Now you need a week off!

baxie said...



glad she got better!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Oh gosh. I couldn't stand the difficulty breathing. Hope everyone is getting healthy and that you can get some rest!!

The Steel Magnolia said...

And I thought we had a sickly weekend! My daughter had to picked up from school with a fever that pointed to bronchitis (or something like that) and the next morning my son woke up with nasty pink eye. Healthy blessings and a good night's sleep for all of you.

Good Enough Woman said...

@Ink, Thank you, my dear!

@Unicorn, Doorknobs! Good idea.

@Yes! And my thermometer often reads low! I would LOVE a week off. A real one. not just a week off so I can work on the diss or catch up on grading.

Bax, Me, too. For so many reasons, right?

@Fie, She was snoring like a sailor and experiencing sleep apnea like every three breaths. I settled that night with my face about four inches from hers, and I put one hand on her chest to keep track.

@Steel, Oh my. Sounds like you need to wipe down some doorknobs, too. Makes me want to bring out the vinegar, Mrs. Meters (basil), and maybe a little old-fashioned
bleach. Hang in there! Hope it's turning around!