Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dinner Lost, Dinner Found

Tonight, Hubby and I were planning to get take-out Thai food. Usually, when we get take-out Thai, we feed the kids first and sit with them at the dinner table, chatting and talking over the day while they eat. Then, during story time, Hubby goes on a food run.

Tonight, as we were finishing up homework for school, Hubby said, "Hey, the tides are good and the skies are clear! Is it okay if you put the kids to bed while I go for a paddle across the bay?" I, ever the supportive spouse (esp. since Hubby has given me extra time to work over the past few days) said, "Sure, no problem."

So he got ready, putting on the appropriate garb, loading the boat, etc. Then he left.

Fast forward about 10-15 minutes. The kids and I are reading together, and I start to mention that I'm hungry.

Wait for it . . .

Me: "Hey! Daddy and I were supposed to get Thai food! We haven't had dinner! We forgot dinner. We didn't eat. Now he's gone, and I can't leave to get Thai food."

This was all made more complicated by the fact that the whole reason were were getting Thai food is that our stores have run dry. We have little food in the house because of recent busyness, lack of balance, blissful camping, etc.

I put the kids to bed and tidied up. Then I started poking around the cabinets, the fridge, trying to find something other than peanut butter toast for dinner. Not that I don't like peanut butter toast. I do.

Then, after the second trip to the freezer, I noticed something in the bottom shelf on the door. Praise be, it was two bags of Trader Joe's risotto--one mushroom, one asparagus. Like manna at the bottom of my freezer. I had some, and Hubby can have some when he gets home.

Too bad he finished off the last glass of chardonnay earlier this evening.


feMOMhist said...

if it weren't for TJs we'd starve. I feel your pain. Our larder is so low I'm actually contemplating a food run a 7AM because at this point that is the only time sciDAD is home that I'm not stealing time from my own work or having to schlepp two kids along with me. Either that or we wait until Saturday

Anonymous said...

Paddleboy gets 10 demerits.

I'm in the *same boat* as you. I had a brownie, a peach, a biscuit, and some bites of cream cheese for din din last night. Fridge is empty.
unicorn, has no time for shopping

The PhD Pimpernel said...

Thanks for following me over the other side - lovely to hear form you! xx

C. Troubadour said...

We just got back from our trip and nothing but 25 overripe pears in our fridge that desperately needed to be turned into pear butter. So I did that -- instead of going to the store to replenish our shelves -- and so dinner was two cans of black beans stir-fried with spices. I was definitely doing the head-in-cabinet thing you describe before those emerged.