Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vomit Fear--Part the Third

Some of you who have been visiting this little blog for a while might remember parts one and deux. Well, we have certainly had some additional episodes of barfing since Part Deux, but last night was a return of the fear that we saw in part one. You know the fear . . . the kind that comes from being in bed with a barfy child.

The Boy started going down hill after I picked him up from school, and he got worse as the evening passed. Unsurprisingly, he was nervous to be alone while he slept, so he and I both stayed on the queen-sized futon in the guest room. Since he felt bad, he squirmed a lot. And with every sudden move he made, my adrenaline shot up, preparing me for sudden hurling. Fortunately, he, like the Girl in part one, was very controlled and contained, and nothing truly messy happened, but trying to sleep through sporadic adrenaline rushes (and even controlled vomiting) is not easy.

And not only does the poor Boy feel bad, but this certainly adds one more challenge to this crazy week that I was already moaning about.

And then I found out yesterday that I need to have a meeting on Friday (the last day of finals) with the presidents of the Faculty Senate and Faculty Union.

I think I'd rather face the vomit.


Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain if you go to the meeting covered in vomit, you won't have to stay. Sound like a plan?
Crafty Unicorn

C. Troubadour said...

The week sounds like it's been *very* wearing. I think Unicorn's plan actually sounds kinda reasonable in the context of it all.

P.S.: I am in quite a bit of awe of how you got through the weekend of high-energy kid activities and the work day that followed. I've graded while on public transportation and in parked vehicles, but not after being immersed in kid chaos. You switch gears well.

Ink said...

Oh no! Hope he feels better soon! And I think that vomit is a most excellent reason to reschedule that meeting.