Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Hair, Leather Pants, and a Baboon

Tonight, I made Hubby go see Rock of Ages. I thought it was brilliantly awesome and fantastic.

Perhaps that's because I graduated from high school in 1986 in the Mid-West with big hair. During high school, my first concert was Van Halen 1984. I saw Mötley Cru twice, Kiss twice (or three times?), Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Ratt, etc. My first year of college I saw Bon Jovi twice (Cinderella opened both times, and they totally killed), and I saw Poison. So you see, for this movie? Rock of Ages? I am its exact demographic.

The rest of you--you who listened to much hipper, cooler, more sophisticated stuff that I know nothing about and can't even list--might not love the movie as I did. But I loved reliving the music through the giant Dolby surround sound, and I thought the movie did a great job of combining the music and over-the-top comedy while still eliciting my true sympathy for the characters. It was a "silly love song" to hair bands, and it cracked me up.

Now I'm going to figure out which songs are suitable for the kiddos so that we can rock out on the trip.

Oh, and Tom Cruise might be a freak, but he was awesome, and I Could Not. Look. Away.

Rock on.


Anonymous said...


You give love a bad name GEW. And for all of Tom's couch-jumping zaniness, he will always be an amazing actor. The recent Mission Impossible movie was jaw-dropping with all his own stunts and hilarity.

Music was my life line growing up, it kept me alive, and my happy moments all have a soundtrack with them that play in my mind. I remember where I was and what I was doing because of music playing. Phil Collins "In the air tonight" played on an amusement park ride when I went on a date. "Don't know what you got" played on another ride with a cute guy I kissed in line. I used to call in to the radio station to request "Every rose has its thorn" while I was working at a dept store. "When the children cry", "Runaway", "18 and life", "Fallen angel", "Bed of Roses", "Love of a lifetime"... these are ALL ON MY IPOD and have been since the day I got it.

I think I would looooove the movie too because I am also their demographic. Hair-teasing bangle-earrings ripped-jeans denim-jacket WITH BUTTONS -wearing music-lovin groupie unicorn.

loveskidlit said...

Ooh, good to hear GEW! I was astounded at how good TC looked in the latest Mission Impossible.

We are off to see Brave tomorrow. It's too hot to do anything else.

Bavardess said...

Motley Cru! I still have 'Kickstart my heart' on my running mix, and I still love it! I haven't seen Rock of Ages yet, but remembering Tom Cruise's performance in 'Magnolia', I can see he would be perfect the lead singer in a hair metal band.

Elizabeth Sheppard said...

I haven't seen that movie yet, but it sounds great. I also admired rock bands and their singers in the day. My hair simply would not go big though. I admire people that went for big hair!

loveskidlit said...

GEW! Are you back from your summer?