Sunday, September 23, 2012

28 Minutes

It was late tonight after Hubby and I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time. And can I just real quick say how amazing Robert Carlyle is? His acting leaves me feeling stunned and slack jawed. So, anyway, we had just finished watching a great episode written by Jane Espenson, who is also just so amazing, and Hubby was off to bed. I stayed up so that I could do my 15 minutes of dissertation work. I wrote the whole time, and it turned into 28 minutes, and I got quite a few words on the page (not sure how many because I forgot to get a "before" count).

I feel very smug.

And also tired.

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feMOMhist said...

loved him ever since Hamish MacBeth series. Haven't committed to either Grimm or Once Upon a Time. I got so tired of networks canceling shows that I liked that I now wait to see before getting involved!