Friday, March 6, 2009

Mercy Buttercups

I so appreciate the comments to my last post. I wasn't fishing for reassurance, but I will say that getting encouragement from some people/bloggers* whom I truly respect and enjoy makes me feel like, "Okay. Why Not." I'll just try not to spend too much time at it. Come to think of it, I spend more time reading everyone else's blogs than writing my own. Same for books. Perhaps this is why I haven't written anything of significance in my life even those I've always fancied that I would.


Amstr said...

I should add my own blog appreciation. First, I'm completely jealous that you can write funny. I mean put funny things into words that retain the funny. And I even know a writer who has committed to blogging every day in March to keep to her writing schedule ( I think she's using it as a warm up, an easy start to the writing day. As our old friend Peter Elbow might say, freewriting is good for the soul and all other writing, so why not freewrite publicly.

Good Enough Woman said...

It's funny that you say I can write funny. I've always envied people who write funny. My favorite writers are funny. I've always wished I could write funny. But I've never felt capable of the funny. But thanks for the props!