Thursday, March 26, 2009

From the Corners of My Mind

Sorry for this lame post, but what is a blog for if not to put random thoughts out in the world--thoughts no one really cares about at all.

Therefore, for your consideration:

  • It's clear that I should probably get serious about losing a few pounds and getting in better shape if shopping for a bridesmaid's dress feels almost like swimsuit shopping.
  • I had the biggest giggle session ever with my kids on Tuesday night when Roo started in with a rendition of "Oh say can you poop." The three of us subequently had a tough time getting through our nightly songs--what with all of the scatological lyrics.
  • I love the White Stripes. They rock. They are brilliant.
  • I started the day thinking I would just have some light pasta for lunch. Instead, I ate some almonds to tide me over, and then my friend/colleague gave me some pizza, and then I had some bite sized milky ways. And I think I might even still have some port and chocolate tonight. But I did save the pasta for tomorrow. Do-over.
  • After 12 years of teaching, I still have no idea how to teach first-yearish college students how to write good argumentative essays with effective documentation. I thought I did, but now I seem to be sucking.
  • I'm finding it difficult to make time to work on my dissertation despite the fact that I love the work. But after a day of work and kids, I also love sleeping and watching TV.
  • I am having a difficult time deciding what to do about Roo's pre-school situation. Too bad she can't just go to kindergarten next year because I think she'll love kindergarten.
  • I think we might have to get Schmoo some kind of reptile or amphibian for his birthday. But not a snake. I am not yet ready for a snake.
  • I hope that next week my husband isn't bedridden. In the last three days, he has sea kayaked, surf kayaked, white water kayaked, surfed, mountain biked, snowshoed, snowboarded, dirt biked, river kayaked, and rock climbed. Am I forgetting anything?
  • As for me, this week I have walked about three blocks total.
  • Twelfth Night is an awesome play.
  • I can't wait to see I Love You, Man


Ink said...

You know what? We DO care! Totally enjoyed reading your list. And I can relate to a *number* of your bullets. Have decided that from now on, if I'm feeling down about teaching, I'm just going to do a few herkies.

Amstr said...

Roo and Natty seem to be on the same page. Nat's favorite new sentence: "Natty tooted . . . all by self!" [insert proud grin]. (I'm sensing an independent streak, and she's not even 2 yet.)

Dr. No said...

Yeah, I'm with Ink. We all have those kinds of lists stuck up in our heads. (Herkies are healing)

Contemporary Troubadour said...

I don't know if teaching first-yearish students how to write argumentative essays with proper documentation will EVER get easier. I'm doing that right now. Got stranded in Dallas because of a blizzard in the Texas panhandle (my final destination)and only graded three papers before I started wondering if all the efforts I've put in since the beginning of the semester were completely lost on my brood. There are just six weeks left and they still don't understand the difference between arguments and statements of fact.

Port and chocolate sounds excellent right about now :).

Good Enough Woman said...

Ink, so glad you care. As for those herkies, don't pull a Dr. No and injure yourself!

Amster, Yes, isn't poop fun?

Dr. No, glad to hear you're healing.

CT, on the arguments vs. statements of fact? OMG, you read my mind. I'm so glad I'm not alone. You know, schadenfreude and all that. But I am truly sorry you are stranded in a Texas airport.

naptimewriting said...

Being unable to teach first years to write a well reasoned and well argued essay with proper documentation felt like my fault for the first few years. Now I blame it on the high schools. ;-)