Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Show?

Really, it's fine if you don't show up for your scheduled conference. No, really. It makes my day a lot easier. I can futz around, researching what kind of lizard I should buy my son for his birthday. Maybe get some work done.

Your research paper will suck, but when you blow me off, my day is much easier.


Louise said...

I LOVE angry Good Enough Woman! Dripping sarcasm rocks.

TKW said...

Kick them to the curb for me, wouldja? ARRRRRR! I remember one of the most frustrating things about teaching was that the kids' parents who *needed* to come in-- NEVER did.

On another are getting a lizard? Awesome!

Ink said...

Sing it, sister! And not only did you get an unexpected window of time to do whatever you wanted, but also you're going to have fun grading that paper. Win-win! ;)

Academic, Hopeful said...

Did you receive any apology or is this person completely entitled and mental?

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Love when they follow up their missed conference with "Can I send you my paper by e-mail so you can give me feedback?"

Not lookin' too likely, buddy.

Good Enough Woman said...

Louise, If you love sarcasm (which, of course, you absolutely do!), you must check out Dr. No's blog (see "Acadamnit" link under my Blog Favs).

TKW: Yes, a lizard! I think we might get a bearded dragon. My sons LOVES reptiles. And bugs. And amphibians.

Ink, Total win-win!

AH, Apology? You're kidding, right?

CT, YES! I got that one! I said, "No thank you."