Monday, April 13, 2009

Recipe for a Happy Day

This is what I did today, and right now I feel warm and bursting with happiness:

  1. Spent the morning just hanging at home with kids. They played happily, did artwork, etc. and didn't even ask to watch TV.
  2. Ate lunch with the kids on a towel on the patio
  3. Went to pick up tax return and was notified of a substantial refund
  4. Took the kids to get their passport photos--very funny mug shots
  5. Took the kids to children's museum to get caterpillars and make butterfly bungalows
  6. Met hubby at county-clerk recorder's office to apply for kids' passports
  7. Took kids to sushi for the first time, and they tried yellowtail, and they loved the shrimp tempura and the chopsticks
  8. Ate yellowtail nigiri with lots of ginger
  9. Drank a pomegranate martini
  10. Observed that the kids did not fight at all today
  11. Reveled in the fact that it's spring break so I don't have to teach tomorrow
How could I not be aglow?


Ink said...

Lovely, lovely! So happy to hear that this day was so nice for you! You deserve it, Good Enough! (True story: I was just coming online to post "Recipe for a Crap Day"--but decided to do a little blog reading first and then I saw your title and thought, wow, it's almost identical but with a very significant difference...then just reading about your day made me feel calmer and better about the universe, so thanks for sharing. But isn't that weird that I was going to use almost the exact same title? Which I won't now. But eerie...and cool.)

Good Enough Woman said...

That is very eerie and cool, but I'm sorry you had a crap day, Ink, especially since I can say, without a doubt, that you deserve a good one, too.

Sherlock said...

Sounds like a great start to the week!! Enjoy the break!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Lucky you! So glad your spring break is going so nicely. Sounds like what a break should be.

Court said...

I like the list, it's very clean and happy. It made me happy. I bet the kiddos were picking up on all the good vibes going around and feeling pretty good too!

TheKitchenWitch said...

You got your kids to try yellowtail and shrimp tempura? You are a Rock Star!

My favorite part of your day was lunch on the towel. Awesome.

Good Enough Woman said...

Thanks for joining in with the good vibes everybody! And I must confess, they didn't each a lot of the yellowtail. But they loved the tempura.