Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cluck, Cluck

No, I haven't purchased chickens. But we did spend a couple of hours yesterday with friends who have chickens. The girl spent the whole time carrying the chickens around with their feet pointed at the sky (apparently, that's how they feel most comfortable being held, but still they didn't look all that thrilled to be carried around endlessly by two four-year olds).

I have mentioned to my family my potential interest in getting chickens--maybe for next spring. The kids are thrilled. The husband, less so.

But first, I need to make more progress on other parts of the sufficiency/sustainability scheme before I launch into the world of chickens.

Some of my plans:
  1. Get/Build Composter
  2. Keep a garden throughout the seasons
  3. Maybe set up a lasagna garden plot
  4. Set up system for catching grey water from the washer
  5. Rescue sewing machine from garage and give it a prime spot in the house
  6. Clean out and purge my part of the garage
  7. Do a lot of canning late summer and fall (probably with goodies from the farmers' market)
Of course there are many other types of goals that are part of this whole simplicity/sufficiency/sustainability plan, but if I can do the above things, I will consider myself chicken-worthy.

But first, it's time to go on a cruise to Alaska! Ah, the simple life.

P.S. Yesterday, in the midst of preparing for the trip, I managed to get two hours to work on the dissertation, which I have been sorely neglecting. While I didn't read much, I did re-think my chapters, which felt like progress. Just letting you know that I haven't let all of my academic responsibilities go by the wayside as I fantasize about building my backyard homestead.

*Picture of Buff Orpington chicken is from


TKW said...

Chicken-Worthy? LMAO! That's my new favorite term (trumping "sponge-worthy").

Have fun in Alaska and take pictures!

Ink said...

Wow, chicken plans AND Alaskan cruise? Exciting, GEW!

And good work on the disserting front. It all counts -- every second of thinking about it. Snaps to you!

Hope you have a magical (and safe) journey!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

One of my good friends in Texas just bought some chickens a few months ago -- what a coincidence.

For this woefully uneducated patio gardener, what is a lasagna garden plot?

baxie said...

Link for chicken enthusiasts!

Ink said...

Hi! Hope you're having fun. We are missing you something fierce around here. Just thought you might like to know. :)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I would love for you to add "Find a dress for Cousin's wedding." to that list too!
I don't think that process will leave too large of a carbon footprint.

--ginger. said...

I'm wanting to know if you've rescued the sewing machine from the garage yet . . . but maybe you can't if you're still cruising. Hmmm. Come home and sew!