Friday, June 5, 2009


I am not really built for multi-tasking. Rather, I am built for long afternoons of single-minded activities (with reading being at the top of the list). But these last several days, and in the upcoming weeks, it's all about broken time and interruptions. Yes, many of them are good interruptions, but it makes my desire for single-mindedness burn stronger.

There's tomorrow Big Celebration--a birthday party for both kids, to which I have invited just about everyone. Are you coming? You can. There will be a bounce house for the grown ups and beer for the kids. Wait, strike that. Reverse it.

Then there's the smaller birthday dinner for Roo on Monday. Then I have to write up some student learning outcomes. Then my dad visits. Then there are dentist appointments. And then there is the fact that, somehow, my house is always a disaster, even right after I clean it. So I'm doing that everyday. Oh, yes, and then there are my beautiful children for whom I must care. Then there is packing for the cruise. Yes, a cruise. You aren't feeling sorry for me anymore, are you.

I had envisioned getting a lot of dissertation work done during the three weeks between submitting grades and going on the cruise. But, clearly, I was delusional.

Perhaps this is why I've recently been fantasizing about homesteading (and I'm currently reading Letters from a Woman Homesteader by Elinore Rupert/Pruitt Stewart). Somehow, it sounds like such a unified life. Or maybe not a homestead, but a nice simple life on a few acres. I could raise vegetables and chickens. Do a bit of canning. Maybe pull out the sewing machine and take on some projects inspired by my friend over here. The kids could run around outside. I could read while they play. Or maybe it's not quite that easy . . .

Or I guess I could just quit my job and PhD, and then my life would be more unified.


The Thirty-Something Bride said...

You're going on a CRUISE? Where? When?

I was just commenting about your inability to multi-task to someone recently. Like how it was dangerous that one time you were cooking bacon and thumbing through a catalog.


TKW said...

Cruise....oh, that sounds nice. Have soooo much fun.

Ink said...

Happy Birthday wishes to the kids!

Broken time and interruptions = parenting, I suspect. Perhaps unification is overrated. ;)

Good luck with everything and hooray that you're going on a cruise (you deserve to relax, and when you return, there is plenty of time to dissertate...and of course cruising will provide the necessary relaxing that will prepare you to dissert happily, so it's a very good plan!).

Jen@momalom said...

Thank you for sharing this. While the details are different, the feelings are the same around here. Life is busy. Enjoy it!

ck said...

A cruise...or homesteading.

An all-inclusive ship...or an out house.

Being served dinner...or planting corn.

I think I'm just super jealous.

Have a wonderful vacation!

Good Enough Woman said...

It's a cruise to Alaska! My mom and step-day invited us to go, so we said, um, Yes! Last week of June. I've never been on a cruise. I think it might seem a little weird to be on such a BIG thing with so much gilded decor, but I am looking forward to it.

Ink, I love the "dissert" verb. And your perspective.

Jen, Thanks for stopping by!

CK, Ah, yes. You point out quite a dramatic contrast.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Excited to hear about your cruise when you return -- I have a good friend who is on a cruise in Alaska at this very minute and another whose parents will be doing one in August. It seems I should be considering doing this myself at some point since the ports of origin are so near us, no?

Anonymous said...

Cruising to Alaska sounds awesome! I wanna go someday!! Also wanted to let you know that I'm giving you the "lovely blog award" because I've always enjoyed reading your blog!! Come on over to my place to pick up your award!!

Good Enough Woman said...

Thanks, Sherlock! I'll formally pick up that lovely blog award when I have the chance to post links to all my lovely bloggers!

Yes, we're excited about the trip!