Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Upside of Fuzzy Budgeting

The hubster and I don't really budget. We should. We need to. But we don't. Our salaries keep changing, we have separate checking accounts, we both have direct deposit, and we don't always know what's going on in the money department. We're a bit vague about it all.

In the fall, we were both on reduced salaries (me because of sabbatical, him because of furlough), and that made things tough--especially since we didn't properly budget for the combined 30% salary reduction. We just felt kind of broke.

Well. A couple of weeks ago, I came home to this:

Hubs: Want to hear something exciting?
Me: Yes! Yes, I do!
Hubs: Well, I kept being amazed at how much less I was making each month, and then I just realized that the bank has been taking nearly double payments for my car since last fall.
Me: What? Really?
Hubs: Yes, and if they keep doing it, my car will be paid off in about six months.
Me: No. WAY.
Hubs: Totally!
Me: So you're saying that you actually make about $400 more a month than you thought you were making, and the car will be paid off a year sooner than we thought?
Hubs: Yes! Exactly!
Me: We're RICH!

It was kind of like finding $20 in his pockets while doing laundry, but way better.

So we allowed ourselves some room service and another nice family dinner while we were in LA, which is exactly why we aren't really rich and is further evidence that we should, in fact, make a detailed budget and stick to it.


C. Troubadour said...

It is totally like finding $20 in your pocket when you're doing laundry! We're a little vague on the budgeting as well -- we've finally consolidated all our bank accounts, but per month, we really should set a spending limit and stick to it. Home improvements tend to bleed funds a little at a time until suddenly the credit card bill arrives and yowza ...

Ink said...

That's so cool! Hooray!!!!

If you find any additional car payments being made -- you know, in your pocket? They're mine.

Anonymous said...

I wish the fuzzies in the lint trap turned into cash. Hey, can I rummage through your couch and car seats?
*don't mind me, M&Ms are anti-bacterial*

TKW said...

Oh, this made me smile. I am hopeless at budgeting. You guys must have been so excited!