Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Radio Play

Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard two songs on the radio that I am loving so hard. One is actually a few years old, I guess, but I never heard it until last week. (That's because I'm not at all hip, and I'm always late to the musical party.) But now I've heard it twice on a good local, independent radio station. The other song is by a local guy, and the song is so beautiful. I think it's awesome that he can get radio play since our station plays local artists.

The first song is for those who want to rock out. If you can sit still while listening to this, you are made of different stuff than I am. If you want a live version, go here.

The second is for those who want to hear a great little indie crooning song with cool lyrics.

If music be the food of love . . .


English Adjunct said...

If you want an awesome live show, Robert Randolph and the Family Band will give you just that. I have seen them twice. The second time, they were opening up for Eric Clapton and put on a hell of a show. People weren't ready for them to go off stage, and you know how hard it is for opening bands to get any respect. I'm trying to find a link to my fav song of theirs, "Pressing My Way," but I can't.

Also, great to hear that a local singer/songwriter is getting radio play! I always love those acoustic goodies.

Anonymous said...

Get down with your bad self!
*ass wiggling*

T30SB said...

Your local guy sounds a lot like Joshua Radin - I lik 'em both!