Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Second-Hand Haul

  1. One denim skirt
  2. a pair of brown linen pants
  3. a pair of stone-colored khaki pants
  4. a tank sweater
  5. a short-sleeved, thin-cabled cardigan
  6. a long-sleeved cardigan
  7. a long-sleeved linen button up shirt
  8. a cotton, collared button-up blouse
  9. a novelty T-shirt
  10. a pair of leather shoes that will look great with jeans

The grand total? $27.80

The icing on the cake? I found $25 in the pocket of the linen pants!



izzabitz said...

Wow, that's an incredible haul! And for nearly nothin'!

C. Troubadour said...

That is more than a haul. That's a jackpot! :D

Pictures of all your cute stuff???

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Finding money to pay for all that? Priceless.

Sounds like you really made out!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...



These things, I know, are components of future hot messes that only GEW can pull off.

Good Enough Woman said...

Izzabitz, I know, right? And thanks for commenting!

CT, I thought about photos. I might need to provide some to refute TSB.

Fie, I did! I did!

Cousin, No shuddering required. Admittedly, the stuff is not exactly *hip*, but it is attractive, good-quality GEW garb: Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, J. Jill, etc. All is in muted tones: stone, seafoam, taupe, slate, etc. No hot messes from this haul!

Tiger Mom PhD said...

pretty much paying $2.80 for all those clothes - What a great deal!