Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Grades are finished. I submitted them on Saturday, which was good but also bad because they were actually due on Friday at noon. I think my college changed the grading timeline a couple of semesters ago, and I have yet to internalilze the new grading calendar.

Now, I need to spend the next couple of weeks working on the dissertation, reading several novels that are not available in modern editions. Fortunately, I've downloaded the PDFs from ECCO and can read them on the iPad. I just wish the iPad had notetaking apparatus for PDFs.

I'm also waiting for feedback from my supervisor about a draft of an article that I want to submit for publication. It will be my first go 'round with the process, and I'm eager to give it a whirl to see what will happen. I've formed an academic writing "group" with a friend who is a faculty member at the four-year university near me. she has bee so helpful since she's such a smart and kind reader. She's also been an editor for a journal, so she has added insight. I suppose I have less to offer her, but I am a decent editor, especially when it comes to organization and development, so there is that.

It won't be easy to ge thngs done this week, though, since my father is making his annual visit and I'm planning a b-day party for the Girl. But I have ordered the cake and purchased the piñata, so I'm well on my way. And guess what the piñata is? UNICORN! And guess what's on the cake? UNICORNS!

But now I need to buckle down for a couple of hours so that I can go see "Bridesmaids" tonight.

Oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

You're gonna whack the unicorn are you????!!!!!!! And then eat the unicorn???!!!!!


I think I need battle armor.

Um, Happy birthday to the Girl? Go easy on me, please?

Good Enough Woman said...

Well, I hadn't thought of it quite like that . . .

baxie said...

Bridesmaids is freaking HILARIOUS.

fuss has requested ghosties and little kids flying kites as decorations for his next birthday cake.

Ink said...

Congrats on finishing grades! Woohoo! (I have to tell you--saw the name of your post and almost didn't want to click in case it said you were done blogging.)

Hooray for the article plan. that's exciting.

And happy birthday to the Girl! Viva la unicorn!

Hope you have fun @ Bridesmaids. I went with my sister and we are still laughing about a few things.

C. Troubadour said...

Summer sounds like it's going to be a busy one in a good way. Here's to a lovely kick-off with the Girl's birthday.

Have you had that G&T yet???