Monday, May 23, 2011

In da HIZZouse!

So, throughout the spring, I was keeping a secret from you. The Hubster was applying for a job. But I didn't want to say anything about it because the job was at my own institution, and, in general, I tried to avoid talking about it because I didn't want there to be any suspicion of impropriety or bias. I didn't want anyone to think that I had "inside info" that I was passing on. So I tried to keep my mouth shut, and I avoiding talking to faculty in the department to which he was applying.

In short? HE GOT THE JOB!!!

It's a tenure-track position at my community college, and we are thrilled. I am so proud of him and impressed by his success. As the academics of you know, it's a very competitive field out there these days. In my department, our recent position (for a t-t position) had over 170 applicants and at least 90 of them had PhD's. It's a different world from when I got my job 11 years ago. If I were that same candidate today (only two years out of an M.A. program), I wouldn't have even gotten an interview this time around.

So the fact that Hubby got the job is just thrilling. Granted, his department's position had only about half the applicants that we had, but I was told (after all was said at done) that his competitors were true heavyweights. But I'm not totally surprised that he got the job. He's a smart, likable* person who happens to be a great teacher.

So, now, hubby is no longer an adjunct working at a different university on a different calendar. He has a full-time position and the same schedule as I do. And now, finally, everyone in the family will have the same spring break! WOOT!

And not only are we at the same college, but also our offices are on the same hallway only four doors apart.

It's all so exciting, and I don't know how we got so lucky. Sometimes, I get nervous, feeling as if I am the very button of Fortune's cap, worrying that I could fall to the soles of her shoes.

Still, GEW and GEM are IN DA HIZZOUSE!

*Why do I want to spell "likable" as "likeable"?


Amstr said...

Congratulations! That's a win for all involved! Happy Spring Break-ing next year.

Ink said...

Woohoo! Wonderful news and...wait for it...I'm doing herkies for you both!

(May have sprained something just then, but it was worth it.)

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Wow! Congrats to both of you! That's really wonderful news, and it's so rare to hear that in regard to the job market these days. :) Fortune has smiled upon you!

Anonymous said...

We need more reasons for herkies. I need to keep those leg muscles warmed up.


What Now? said...

Many congratulations to you both!

Momma said...

Pass on my congratulations! I knew he had the job, but didn't know your offices were close together. Wonderful!

Art Center said...

I am proud.

Gaga said...

Sorry, I didn't expect my comment to come as Art Center....though lately it seems that is who/what I am.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

It's true GEM is totally "likeable" and I'm SO HAPPY for y'all! And now, I'm going to need some help trying to get a part-time position at MY community college. A little help?

KIDDING! Congrats to you both!

--ginger. said...

*Why do I want to spell "likable" as "likeable"?

Because you don't feel lick-able.