Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to the Real World

I'm cleaning the cabin, hubby is at the laundromat, and we're prepping to hit the road this afternoon. After a few days of driving and a detour to Meteor Crater in AZ, we will be back in California, back home. Although it will be nice to be there, I am already starting to grieve the loss of the true sense of leisure that comes with vacation. Once we're home, instead of hanging out with the family--drinking tea or wine by the river, reading books, rafting, hiking, swimming, knitting, etc.--I will be worrying about how to get stuff done: dissertation work, house work, syllabi, new prep, campus administrative work-- you know, the list goes on forever. And worrying about all of that work--and doing all of that work--changes how I relate to my family. Instead of enjoying them, I'm often figuring out how to get time away from them so that I can get stuff done. And that makes me sad and it makes them sad.

We've all been together for four weeks, almost 24/7, and it's been great, much easier than when they were younger. I am say to say goodbye to our little family bubble and all of the fun that has come with it.


C. Troubadour said...

The month of family time sounds like it was *wonderful* -- I'm so happy for you. I hear more often than not about families who are busy during their "normal" at-home time, as you describe, and, instead of enjoying vacations together, don't know how to be together for such a stretch. After four weeks, everyone's ready for a return to "normal," and I think that's sad too.

Here's to many more family bubbles in your future. I hope the sadness over this one's end dissipates gently and leaves you feeling recharged for the stretch until the next break.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

At least you get a summer.

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, Yes, we are so lucky that we enjoy each other so much during these times. And I do feel re-charged and ready dig in to the tasks at hand. But I know the kids--especially the Girl--will be very aware of the change, and sometimes they struggle with the transition. But as they get older, I think they'll understand that the busyness of the school year has the payoff of summer. Thank you for your sweet response.

TSB, True.