Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tomorrow is my first day back teaching for fall.

I always get so nervous, especially when I have early morning classes. I'm always afraid of missing them. Lots of nightmares in that genre.

Time to set a few alarms!


Anonymous said...

How about 6am wakeups?


I still have another week to classes. *blank stare* Yeah, and another early riser here. NOT.
Unicorn who hates mornings

Good Enough Woman said...

Your references are SO high brow. I love it!

I got you, babe.

C. Troubadour said...

My alarm clock of 17 years' service finally died this spring. Or maybe I should say it attained immortality because it became stuck in a sort of on position (making garbled, tortured buzzing noises erratically at all times) even though all the switches were clearly in the off position.

All this to say, I hope your alarm has a somewhat pleasant, consistent wake-up sound. I have caved and resorted to using my cell phone to wake me up, and it's actually a lot less startling with certain ringtones. Who knew.

baxie said...

I have an infallible 3 year old alarm clock. =(

J. Harker said...

I hope all went well! Still a while longer before classes kick in out here...

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, I have a radio alarm that gives me NPR Morning Edition on command, but just in case that fails, I sometimes set my cell phone alarm. I kind of like the cell phone alarm b/c when I wake up, for just a second, I think that maybe I'm traveling (since I use the cell alarm when traveling). Gives me little Pavlovian moments of hotels in England and Wales. Sorry to hear that your trusty alarm went kaput.

Bax, My little human alarm clocks don't wake up as early as they used to (thank God). The Boy gets up first, usually between 6:30 and 7:15. But since I need to get up by 6:30 (if not sooner), he is no longer sufficient.

Harker, I think it was a good first day! I'm always more relaxed once I get over that hump.

Anonymous said...

Can I just mention that classes haven't started yet, and I just finished doing my syllabus... so WHY ARE STUS CONTACTING ME ALREADY!?!?!?!?ARGH!?!!?! GO AWAY I AM NOT READY FOR YOU PEOPLE YET!

For the honor of Greyskull,
I am Unicorn

Anonymous said...

I have that panic, too! Even after twenty years of teaching! Can't be helped, I guess. Hope all of your alarms work. They will. Don't worry. I don't want to contribute to the panic.

Unicorn, they are contacting me, too. An increasing number each term! I don't understand why they think we are going to do some work before the semester begins...

Yours in sisterly bonds of something medieval with glitter on top (because I don't really understand your sign off but I want one, too),

Anonymous said...


Fight the student forces with me.
Beloved Unicorn

loveskidlit said...

Good luck with it all! I haven't yet had my "back to school" nightmare so, since classes begin tomorrow morning, that must be tonight's treat.

Anonymous said...

My Alarm = On. *headdeskheaddeskheaddeskheaddesk*

I need a cup of ambition.
Stumblin to the Kitchen Unicorn

Good Enough Woman said...

Even without connecting to YouTube, I know your reference! 9 to 5, baby! Or, in my case today, 9-midnight. I'm up late plowing through a batch of essay drafts.

I loved that movie and had the soundtrack. And I still remember when the title song was in the number one spot, fell to number two, then went back to number one. kasey Kasem said that that was the first time that had happened. And Kasey Kasem (aka "Shaggy") does not lie.

Keep reachin for the stars!

Good Enough Woman said...

Oh, and I still know all the words to that song. And I love Dolly Parton, so feel free to bust her out any time.

Get it? Bust?


Anonymous said...


Tit's funny!

I had the little record of 9-5. I didn't like the song that was on the back, don't remember what it was. Maybe "islands in the stream"... but I like it now. I used to tape the countdown, and keep track of the top songs.

My day is more like 8-8. Shit. My mantra: suck it up buttercup.

Unicorn who wants peace on earth and a fine-tooth comb