Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Deep Breath and a Sigh

Don't you love those moments or days when you can stop and take a deep breath? When the treadmill has, if only for a moment, slowed?

I feel like that this afternoon. This past week has been crazy, and I've been running 15 minutes behind for about five days. Between work, family visitors, book group, the second week of teaching, the first week of the kids' school, committee meetings, the article I need to finish*, and batches of essays to turn around overnight**, I've been racing the clock since Sunday night at 9:00pm.

As of today at 1:30pm, I was able to take a breath. It's not that I don't still have a crapload of work to do. I do have a crapload of work . Oh, yes. But! The work does not have to be finished by 7:00 tonight or even by 10:00 tomorrow, which means that, for now, I can sit back for a moment and breathe.

And, of course, snuggle with the children.

And, of course, have a drink.

*Yes, still.

**I'm teaching an class that follows an accelerated pace for half the weeks of a regular semester. As a result, drafts really need to be turned back the next day after I receive them. The downside? It's a time crunch that involves late nights. The upside? A great sense of accomplish and an empty grading folder (for that class) for at least a couple of days.


C. Troubadour said...

Would that be a G&T? :)

It sounds like the breath is very much needed. Hope you get more of them next week.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna breathe all damn day today to make up for it this week. Not doing anything else past rearranging stacks of papers. I'm still standing.

Some background music for your drink. I made a peach strawberry smoothie and will be gracing my porch for a few hours.
Unicorn Gfan

E. Sheppard said...

I know it is a crazy time, but you sound like you are handling it very well. Keep us posted!

d.o.ctor said...

Here's to hoping you find more moments to breathe during the busy days. Cheers!

loveskidlit said...

Enjoy them when you find them! Another will be along soon.

Ink said...

Breath and cocktail = bliss!

Hang in there, GEW!

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, Yes! And maybe a glass of Chardonnay to mix things up.

Unicorn, Re: Video--Oh no you di'nt!

ES, Working on it! It's Thursday afternoon again, and I'm taking another breath!

d.oc, Grazie!

LKL, Yep! Here I am a week later with a breath!

Ink, Yep! This afternoon, I'm hoping for breath + cocktail + time to work on my article! (All before Back to School Night)