Friday, June 1, 2012

Someone, Pull the Plug!

1:30 am
Reality Show
80s Teen Idols:

Two guys from Baywatch
Guy from Blue Lagoon
Eric from the first Real World (who only eats raw food now)
Guy from Grease 2 (a cool rider!)
Guy from Fame (TV show)
Guy from 90210 (How Do You Talk to an Angel?)

They want to make it again.

Please help. I Can't. Look. Away.

Update: Oh no. Another episode. You know what else? It is hosted and produced by Scott Baio. I am doomed.


Anonymous said...

My chin hit the floor with "How do you talk to an angel"...guy. OMGLOLLERSKATES. And I am *very* thankful a certain rhymeswith Mirk Nameron person isn't part of the show.

I think Real World Eric and me would get along fabulously over my organic fruit smoothies. Unicorn eats alot of raw food.

Amstr said...

That sounds terrible and captivating all at the same time.

Have you watched Sherlock yet? I just watched the first of season 2, and it was pretty darn amazing. (and not too spooky)

Good Enough Woman said...

@unicorn: The iPad doesn't hotlink the URLs, so I'll have try to type that in and check it out. And I need to eat more raw food.

@Amstr: I haven't watched Sherlock yet. I have it here on my iPad, but have been distracted by other things, including that crazy reality show, and including Zoolander and Notting Hill which were both on last night. I might watch it tonight. Toss up between than and Pride and Prejudice. But I think, since I'm back in London, I might need to do Sherlock.