Thursday, February 26, 2009

Non-Post Post

I don't really have much to say, and I'm rushing off to class, but I don't really like the title of the last post, so I wanted a new title to pop up. Not sure this one is much better.

Off to a conference this weekend (a not-so-interesting conference that will be focused on a assessment), and so I will be very busy and will get way behind with all other work, off which there is a load. Not sure how I will get out from under it.

Nevertheless, off I go!



Prof S said...

Know the feeling of drowning in work. I'm just finishing a couple of weeks of that and looking forward to a few slow days finally. I think I'll read a trashy novel and take a lot of naps to get ready for the next round of way too much work in way too little time. Hang in there -- you'll have a slow time soon and then you'll be bored silly. It's always feast or famine with owrk! Hope the conference is good.

Ink said...

Hope it was a good conference! And hang in spring break coming up soon? :)