Friday, February 13, 2009

The Supervisor's Reply

Dear Good (Enough) Student,

Please do not feel under pressure to produce anything polished. The main point is to get something down on paper if you can. I have seen work at various draft stages from all students and that is part of the process. When the children are ill it is just impossible to function let alone think in a coherent way. Let things settle and then write, say, a couple of pages or so and just send them on.

I hope everyone is better now. It is a tiring time of year anyway. Roll on Spring!

Thanks for the King reference. I have ordered the edited book we discussed for the library – will probably take a while.

And don’t worry!

More-than-Good-Enough Supervisor

1 comment:

Amstr said...

Congratulations! Your advisor is fantastic. I'm so glad you get to work with someone so awesome as you take on this task.