Monday, February 2, 2009


A hearty thanks for your comments and encouragement during lo, these many days of my identity crisis (brought on my the big switch to digital TV).

The problem is solved. We bought a new TV. It is digital. It's pretty big but it's not huge. It just fits into our current TV cabinet so we can still close it away. After the switch, it should continue to get the channels we get now, I think. And when we do watch it, it looks really cool. Our one HD-channel is so clear (even though it's sort of at the bottom of the market when it comes to LCD TVs). It's like the first time I got glasses (in 8th grade) and was so amazed that I could see all of the actual leaves on the trees. Who knew life existed in such detail? And now, I'm learning how much detail is in filmed versions of life!

So. Cool TV. No satellite (at least not for now). Our DVDs will look awesome. And I helped stimulate the economy!

I am at peace.

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outside voice said...

Congratulations! Who said money can't buy happiness, anyway? ;)