Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Steps

The sewing machine is still on the floor by the front door. This goes to show you that I haven't made much progress on the sewing front and that I still have many gaps on the organization front. Currently, since there is a bunch of random stuff on the desk in the office/playroom, I have no good place for the machine. I have to figure that one out.

But I did make banana bread today from my old bananas instead of letting them turn totally black and go to waste. To many of you, this may sound like nothing. For me, it is a source of pride and satisfaction.

I also plan to make some homemade mayonnaise from a recipe I found in an awesome UK mag that I found at Barnes and Nobles called Country Homes and Interiors. It seems as if British country style is quite different from good old American country style. Can we say "homes from the c18 overlooking the ocean"?

Does anyone crochet? I can just barely knit (but I enjoy it), but I'd like to be able to crochet a hat for my daughter. She tried on a crocheted hat the other day, and it was so cute.

I'll let you know how the mayonnaise turns out.


baxie said...

the wife crochets hats by the ton and sells them at the Christmas Craft Faire. Give her a shout if you want some pointers.

Ink said...

I am completely impressed that you made banana bread. Gold stars!

Happy Weekend!

The Steel Magnolia said...

I learned to crochet a few years ago by checking out videos and books at the library. Now I'm (sort of) working on knitting. I also bought I Can't Believe I Taught Myself to Crochet, which was great. There are lots of easy, free patterns on crochet websites. I LOVE it, so I hope you find your way.

I accidentally ripped the tops off of an entire bunch of bananas right before we left town, so I forced bananas on my husband and children at every chance so they wouldn't go bad. Next time I'll just make banana bread--great idea!

TKW said...

I am hopeless at anything crafty like sewing or crocheting or scrapbooking. I think it's great that you can do all that.

Can't wait to hear about the mayo!

Good Enough Woman said...

Bax, Ah! Good to know! What Christmas Craft Faire?

Ink, thanks for the props!

SM, Thanks for the tips! I'll look into that book!

TKW, Oh, you misunderstand me, my dear. I do not scrapbook. I'm not even organized enough to have baby books for my kids. My knitting consists of scarves (although next on the list is a funky caterpillar for my son). As for sewing, I'm not even sure how to thread my machine. When I figure it out, I will make some cloth napkins. In other words, I like to do things at the simplest, least complicated level--things that don't require too much precision or too many doo-dads. Besides, you COOK!