Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back to Basics Log

Today's back to basics activities:

  • Planted seeds with kids for late summer garden (even though kids put all of the bok choy seeds in one spot and then covered them so I don't know where they all are).
  • Cooked up squash given to me by a friend (I usually steam, but this time I sauteed, and it was SO much better).
  • Made homemade orange sorbet from fresh-squeezed OJ (good, but a little soupy).
  • Knitted a bit more on my husband's scarf.
  • Watched Breaking Away (hello, IU!)

On another note, the house guests left today. They arrived less than 48 hours after we returned from our trip to Alaska and stayed for four days. Two adults, two kids. There was camping involved. Lots of eating. The kids HAD A BLAST (which included taking everything out of the playroom closet so they could make a "kids' world apartment"). As soon as their cousins left today, my kids--who had ignored me for four days as they played with their cousins--started immediately climbing on me and demanding that I play with them (which was bothersome because I was trying to watch the last set of the Wimbledon men's championship).

Maybe having house guests is easy.


TKW said...

If you were watching Federer and Roddick, you were busy for HOURS. Can't complain about the view, however :)

And don't you love it when the little guys remind you that you're #1?

Academic, Hopeful said...

The Federer v Roddick game was epic. Tense and serious, but/and epic. I was almost biting my hand off by the last set.

Happy times!

Good Enough Woman said...

TKW, We only saw the last set . . . but what a set! And what a view . . .

AH, I think you're going to need that hand to finish your big project, no? (Or should I not be mentioning that?)

Can we believe how calm and graceful Federer is even in the midst of such tensity? No, we cannot.

baxie said...

good hands-off way to cook squash/mushrooms:

transform raw materials into roughly 1" cubes, toss with olive oil, salt & pepper & roast in a 450 oven for about 25 minutes, flipping with spatula about halfway through.

similar results to sauteing, but you can make other stuff while it's cooking.