Monday, July 6, 2009

Meme from The Thirty-Something Bride

What is your current obsession?

Dreams of Homesteading.
Cooking new things in the kitchen.

Coffee or tea?

Tea (black or earl grey--with cream and sugar)

What’s for dinner?

Apps at the place where I got married (seared ahi and fried calamari)--kids were at a b-day party!

What would you eat for your last meal?

boiled peanuts with beer, sweet potato chips, yellow tail sashimi with lots of ginger, homemade mac and cheese, port and chocolate

What was the last thing you bought?

Fairy garden. Flowered watering can. Candle.

What are you listening to right now?

My husband's sleepy breathing.

What’s the best gift you have ever been given?

Hmmm. Pearl earrings. Bracelet with my grandmother's picture (from TSB!). Down payment money for condo (and other such financial gifts from parents).

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Old-fashioned homemade vanilla.

What do you think of the person who tagged you?

Love her so much. Think she's amazing and stunning. She's family.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

Just an hour? If I could beam myself somewhere, maybe Italy. Maybe Sri Lanka. If I can't beam myself, I'll just take some time at the bookstore.

Which language do you want to learn?


What’s your favourite quote (for now)?

Shame you fall down no one push you. (Amy Tan)

What is your favourite colour?

I gravitate towards green and browns.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?

My cotton knit J.Jills skirts are the most comfortable. My brown leather boots are the coolest.

What is your dream job?

Writer of books (that people buy).

What is your worst habit?

Spending more money than I should. Oh, and flaking on thank you notes.

If you had £100 now, what would you spend it on?

A composter. Or maybe something from the Sundance catalog.

Do you admire any one’s style?

Yes, I admire the style of people who are fit.

Describe your personal style?

It used to be kind of hippyish. Now it's really just frumpyish. Gotta work on that.

What are you going to do after this?

Get in bed and read a few pages of The Master and Margarita for my book group.

What are your favourite movies?

Grease, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cool Hand Luke, Bridget Jones's Diary, When Harry Met Sally, Apocalypse Now (any many more . . . )

What is your favourite fruit?

Blackberries picked while hot from the sun. Good cherries. Good strawberries. Rhubarb (not a fruit?)

What inspires you?

My children. My mom. My husband. My friends. Good literature. Music.

Your favourite book?

I just don't know. Jane Eyre is way up there . . . but I have some more recent favs, too.

Do you collect something?

Not really.

What is your favourite smell?

Gardenias. And my kids just after they wake up.

What are you most proud of?

My kids. Some of my professional work.

How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up?

My alarms do not have snooze buttons. They just call, "Mooooommmmyyyyy, Come iiiinnn heeeerrreeeee . . ." until I arrive.

Cats or dogs?

I have a dog. Used to have a cat. Used to be a TOTAL cat person but am now a bit doggish.

What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

You mean from today? Probably everything.

What do you look forward to coming home to after you’ve been away?

Kiddie-poos who say, "Mommy!" and come running. Or a quiet house is good, too!

Complete the following:

Love is…

higher than a mountain; love is thicker than water . . . (Sing it!)

Which phrase do you feel embodies your spirit?

See quote from above.

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TKW said...

I love the Andy Gibb wisdom! And of course now he's gonna be stuck in my head all day :)

Academic, Hopeful said...

You seem sensual, clever and earthy - in a glamourous and in no way frumpish way, GEW!

That Amy Tan quote made me smile. I like it.

Joanna said...

I often find I fall between somewhere you and Louise... I have my own priorities yet recognize where you both come from on a frequent basis. I am challenged with recognizing that I have a 10-1/2 yo who is becoming her own person and trying to let her be that person, knowing that it will change many times.

Ink said...

So many good answers meme! Do you have pictures of that fairy garden? :)

Good Enough Woman said...

Ink, the fairy garden was a gift for my son and daughter's friend, so we don't have it . . .