Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup

Okay. I just finished story time with the kids, and for the second night in a row, we read The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup. It's not a new book, and we've read it plenty of times before. But it's been a while. And you know what? Tonight, the book just about made me cry. The writing is sharp. The illustrations are both beautiful and charming. And the characterization is just fantastic. I love this book.

Have you read it?


TKW said...

I love it when someone rec's a book I've never heard of! I'm going to look for it. Thanks!

heu mihi said...

No, but now I want to! Why don't I have a kid to buy books for?

(Oh wait. As of 13 days ago, I have six nieces and six nephews. Surely one of them is in the right age range?)

Good Enough Woman said...

HM, my kids are four and six, and they both like it. But I think you should by this one for yourself!

The Elephant Rag said...

Hello - I was searching the site of the Japanese publisher of my book The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup and this came up as a blog review. Thank you so much. I am happy you and your children are reading this cat's story...two nights in a row! Barry Root captured the man and his cat so perfectly.
Good luck with your dissertation. Terry Farish