Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jiggity Jig

I did not buy a pig, but I am home again. Which is nice. Mostly. Being on the road for a month makes coming home feel good, but a little bit boring and slightly overwhelming because of all of the stuff in the house. But I do look forward to stocking the house with groceries, and I'm hoping my husband will replace all of the burned out lightbulbs.

The garden is lush. I missed the bok choy, but I can feed a few of the remaining leaves to the lizard (who is extremely fat, by the way. She is definitely going on a diet). On the other hand, the lettuce is just coming up, and the peas and beans haven't fruited yet. The tomato plants are raging. I even have little rogue volunteer tomato plants coming up in strange places, which is especially strange since I didn't use seeds. But while the plants are huge, I'm not sure we'll have enough heat to really get ripe tomatoes.

Okay, soon I will post pictures of the bazillion knitting projects I completed on the road, and soon I'll be catching up with the posts of my blog peeps. I'm way behind . . .

I'm way behind with many things, to tell the truth.


Ink said...

Welcome home! Hope that you have a good re-settling back into the flow of every day life. :) And I love the idea of "rogue" tomatoes!

TheKitchenWitch said...

Let's hope that lizard is just FAT and not....nevermind, don't even think it.

Welcome home!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

I had a friend who pulled her tomato plants at the end of the growing season and tossed them onto her compost pile. Lo and behold, the next year, she had tomato plants growing out of said compost pile! Those things are happy anywhere, it seems.

Welcome back!

baxie said...

tomatoes are basically weeds, they're wildly opportunistic.

Welcome back Sally!