Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fish for Dinner

I felt very DIY a few days ago, back in South Fork*, when we went fishing and I caught two Rainbow Trout, and I cooked them up for dinner. How self-reliant am I?! Oh, and my husband cleaned them, so it was definitely a family effort. Perhaps I should focus on family-reliance rather than self-reliance.

Also, I finished knitting the girl's bunny, and yesterday in the car, driving from Salt Lake to Reno, I finished a poncho! It's beautiful, even if I do say so myself. (Pictures to follow.) I don't know why I can knit in the car even though I can't read in the car, but it has been a great way to pass the time on the road. And I'm getting better! Anybody need a scarf?

So we've been on the road trip for three weeks now, and we've got one more stop to see cousins north of San Fran. We were sad to leave Colorado because we had such a fantastic time, and we just love it there. And we took the kids on their first family float trip! Since my husband used to be a hard core river kayaker, his friends are all river expert with tons of gear, so we didn't have to go with a guide company (his friends are guides and safety runners). Instead, we got together with another family and some friends, and had a fantastic float, picnic, paddle, etc. Now that's living.

On top of it all, we have decided where we'd like to be able to buy a small piece of land on which we can place a yurt. Time to start saving the cash! Ha.

But today we are chillaxing** outside of Reno, visiting the hotel pool, and maybe finding another activity or maybe just watching a movie. Tomorrow it's on to see more family. Then home! Can't wait to get home to see how the garden is doing, see friends, catch up with my blog peeps, and get to work on the dissertation. Dissertation? Dissertation? What dissertation? Oh, that dissertation. The one on which I need to work before I make my next trip to Wales in mid-September. And then there's the sabbatical project to work on . . .

*Funny story: While we were in South Fork, we came across National Lampoon's Vacation while we were surfing the cable channels. We settled on it for a while, and what do you know? The Griswolds visit South Fork! They stay at Kamp Komfort, which is still there and which, in the movie, is noted for it's stinky tents and festering pool. This was even funnier to me considering my post of July 21. Speaking of cable, we don't have it at home, so we've done some binging. Anybody else just love House Hunters International?

**Thanks to the TSB for the new vocab word.


Academic, Hopeful said...

You're all over this nesty, DIY business. Well done on the knitting.

Very excited for you about this float trip....and your dreams of/plans of a holiday house (yurt) there. If you had that place, I might hit you up one day.

Go team GEW! 'Holiday Rooooooadddd, Holiday Rooooaaaad.'

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Sounds soooo relaxing. Can't wait to see all the photos ...

Ink said...

It sounds absolutely lovely! Congrats on all the knitting and on the yurt plans and, well, just everything.

And your dissertation is doing fine and will be right there waiting when you get back so don't waste a second thinking about it during HOLIDAY TIME!

We just say Vacation last week, too, and my husband got mad because I would start giggling 10 seconds before something happened because I'd remember what was coming up...oops! (Are you singing "Jimmy Cracked Corn" in the car, btw?)

Have fun on the last leg of le trip! I am jealous: LOVE LOVE LOVE San Fran. Say hi to it for me, ok? :)

Good Enough Woman said...

AH, You are TOTALLY welcome to stay in my yurt (once it's built on some land).

CT, Wish we had taken more photos! But there are a few . . .

Ink, We DID have soggy sandwiches on the river, but it wasn't because the dog went on the picnic basket.