Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No, I Cannot Bump up Your Grade

I have been meaning to write one post about how much gratitude I have for my life and another post about how my kids to the scissors took their hair, but I haven't had time.

In the meantime, I will offer you the full text of a e-mail message that I received yesterday from a student:

Mrs. GEW, is there any way that i can persuade you to bump my grade up to a passing letter? I know that I was not the hardest working student in class or the smartest, but i did try very hard, and i just couldnt write very effective papers. Is there anything that i can do? I was sooo close to passing english!

It's nice when they make it so easy.


Becca said...

Oh my!

Anonymous said...


Stu, is there any way that i can persuade you to accept the grade YOU EARNED? You were not the hardest working student in the class or the smartest, and you didn't write very effective papers. There were plenty of things you could have done during the semester, like work harder and write better papers, but you did not. You were soooo close to passing english. Next time, I'm sure you'll do better. Good luck.
Hearts. jc

C. Troubadour said...

Oh my. I'm thinking about the kids and the scissors. Hope the damage was only on the surface (no scalp lacerations!).

Posting hasn't fit well for me either most recently -- maybe later today ... which is what I said yesterday.

Dr. No said...

Well, you could always say that you would change their grade, but you know, grading is hard and you tried as hard as you could and you know your grades aren't all that "effective" but you know, it's the best you could do.

Good Enough Woman said...

Becca, Oh my, indeed!

jc, your response is way better than mine was.

CT, No scalp lacerations, but a drastic hair change for the girl. I'll post on it soon. Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the carnage.

Dr. No, Damnit. That's what I should have said to him.

English Adjunct said...

So close, no cigar kid.