Friday, November 12, 2010

Back in the Saddle*

So this morning, while the kiddie-poos are kayaking with hubby and some other friends, I am at Starbucks working on my conference paper that I will present at a national conference in January at fancy pants UK university.

The good news is that I don't have to write the paper from scratch. Essentially, I'm cobbling together pieces of two different chapter drafts from the dissertation. The bad news is that each of those chapter drafts are over 20 pages, and I have to figure out how to say in nine pages that I previously said in 40. I'm finding this to be very challenging.

But the best news is that, just now, while I was revising, cobbling, and writing, I put a couple of sentences together and thought to myself, "Yes, that's it! Well said, GEW. Concise and to the point." And I got a little rush, and then I thought to myself, "That rush? That is why you're doing this crazy PhD thing."

Yes, I'm missing the kayaking adventure with the family. But I will join them later today for gathering with cousins, visiting in-laws, and (I hope) one of my brother-in-law's famous mojitos. These are the days I like best--some brain time and some family time. What a perfect balance. Clearly, it's the day job that mucks things up.**

*This metaphor is particularly apt since a few minutes ago, here at Starbucks, two people showed up on horseback. I love my town.

**I should probably mention that I do have one of the best day jobs there is. It's just that I like my own brain time and my family better.


C. Troubadour said...

Horseback riding to Starbucks -- how idyllic! Your town sounds awesome. And an end-of-day mojito with the fam sounds like a *really* nice reward for all your work. Until then, I'm rooting you on in your chapter consolidations with my own raised coffee mug.

Anonymous said...

It's the Pony Espresso!

Keep going GEW!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

JC - Pony Espresso? LMAO. Mwhahaha! You win for best comment ever.

Glad you're getting some damn fine work done! Go GEW!!

Studentmum said...

I somehow missed your 'Freaking out' post. Glad you had your 'Eureka' moment and got you PhD mojo back. Brain time & family time do make for a good day!

loveskidlit said...

Love the pony espresso comment too, jc.

GEW: HAPPY WRITING! (and later, family time, which will be so much sweeter for it).

Anonymous said...

Ponies for everyone!