Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paper? Have done.

This morning I gave the paper, and it was well received. Comments suggested it was "persuasive" and that it offered a "whole different way" of reading the text (both of which were my intentions, so YAY!).

In other news, I have found these British academics to be very friendly and modest. The most arrogant presenters have been other Americans.

And Oxford is stunning. I will write more later. It's been long day, and I'm not accustomed to my iPad keyboard, which is, currently, trying my patience.

Tomorrow it's off to London, and Saturday my mom and I will celebrate her b-day at the British Museum.



English Adjunct said...

Sounds great, congrats on a great presentation! Oxford is beautiful, isn't it? London is one of my favorite cities too. Indulge with a good pint and some fish and chips!

Anonymous said...

Ride a double decker!

Glad you are enjoying your trip. I love the sheep and cottages in the countrysides.

Good Enough Woman said...

Thanks, EA! Yes, Oxford IS beautiful! I'll drink an extra pint just for you.

Unicorn, Me, too! I love the sheep! They are so cute when they bound away from the train. not cause they are scared, but just cause they're little and fuzzy! I want a cottage with pink glitter!