Friday, November 11, 2011

A Bit of Work Today

So, today, I was hoping to work on research and writing for at least 5-6 hours. But there is a big swell (in the surf) that is short-lived and is only here TODAY, so my work time has been truncated. Hubby surfed this morning, and if things hold up, will surf again this afternoon. Instead of OBE (Overwhelmed by Events), I am OBGS (Overcome by Good Surf).

But I've sneaked away for a couple of hours of work.

I'm working on a chapter draft, and it's really interesting work, but it's slow going. I'm reading new primary texts and trying to find helpful secondary sources. I'm enjoyed the former but not having much luck with the latter. I guess I'll just keep looking! The upshot is that maybe I'm heading into new-ish territory. The downshot (is that a word?) is that I'm a little lost. I'm not sure how to think about the issues, I'm not sure which questions are most important, and I'm not sure exactly how to approach an argument. But that's all part of the process, right?

Fortunately, Hubby has promised me more work time throughout the weekend. I hope the research and writing won't be OBG (Overtaken by Grading).

Hope you are all having a good day even as we take time to remember the service of our veterans.


Anonymous said...

there's a happeh!!! in your snail box.
glittery unicorn

Good Enough Woman said...

Ooooo! Love the glow in the dark butterflies. The Girl decorated her lampshade last night. Butterflies! Froggies! Flowers! Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I figured your little tadpole catcher would like frogs. The glow in the dark are the best.
Chee unicorn

Good Enough Woman said...

Yep, but the Girl stole the frog stickers before he had a chance (and tonight I noticed she'd put the bird stickers all around the lamp base). But the Boy is happy because he hatched some brine shrimp today using some eggs we'd had for a couple of years, some ocean water (aquired by Hubby after a surf session), and the heat of the lizard lamp. He is a proud Papa. (Not sure what to feed them though.)

Anonymous said...

Feed them fish flakes or cat food in VERY low amounts. If you add too much, your tank will be a mess.

C. Troubadour said...

Overcome by good surf -- ha! We don't quite have that up here, but ski season is approaching. I sense we'll have an erratic January.