Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Work Night--The Good Kind

Tonight, Hubby is taking care of the kids. Me? I have checked into a hotel so that I can spend this evening and tomorrow morning doing uninterrupted work on the dissertation. After my last visit to my PhD institution (last January), I decided that I should try to do a hotel night once about every 4-6 weeks. Well, that was in January, and this is my second time doing it--which puts me at six months instead of six weeks.

I've been here for about an hour, and I already miss the family. I think the fact that it gets dark early makes it harder to focus on work. Instead, I want to snuggle with the kids, put them to bed, and then watch a couple episodes of Bones with Hubby. Nevertheless, tonight seemed like a good night to pound out some work, so here I am.

I checked into my room, then hit the lounge with my books. I'm half way through a G & T that is unfortunately strong (considering the amount of work I want to do), but I'm going to chase it with a gourmet burger, so I'm hoping the dinner will revive me. I've almost made it through one article, and I have a bag full of readings to take on. Then, I hope to get 10-15 pages of writing done.

Do you know how much will power it takes to do the work instead of trolling the cable channels? I don't have cable at home so it's VERY tempting.

Ah! My burger has arrived. I hope I can eat and annotate at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Those cushy hotel pillows are a big deterent to getting work done. I'm grading at the moment, ugh. Watching Covert Affairs.

Enjoy your burger. I loooove Bones. Happy Turkey Day.

Chop Chop!
Gobbly Unicorn

feMOMhist said...

I have a friend who routinely does this. I'd never be able to get myself to work. Good Luck!

loveskidlit said...

Ooh, hope it went well. I'd be tempted to have the burger, chase it with another G and T, then hit the cable channels... Somehow, these retreats would become mini-vacations!

Sooo, how did you do?

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Wow. I totally want to do this. I don't know that hubby would approve, though. He'd be jealous that I got a nice hotel night to myself. I suppose he could do a one-nighter himself, but he doesn't have so much work to do at night, so mostly he'd just sit there being lonely. That dude needs a hobby, methinks.