Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Care for Tea? (Or a look around my room?)

I just finished enjoying afternoon tea service in the morning room, surrounded entirely by Welsh-speaking senior citizens. Occasionally, they would speak to each other in English, so I was able to glean that many of the locals received discount coupons (of some sort) inviting them to afternoon tea at the mansion for the grand re-opening during the month of May. I have also discovered that I need to lock my hotel room door when I am inside since visitors are interested in touring the mansion as they would a museum. In the process, they seem to forget that it *is* a hotel, and they just try the knobs of all the doors. One man opened my door, but I'm glad to report I was merely sitting at the desk, typing, when he came in. Once he was in, however, he did not retreat! He chatted me up about the mansion and its beauty as he looked around the room--from his spot in the doorway, thank goodness. Then, cheerfully, he wished me a happy afternoon enjoying the beauty. I am now back in my room--with the door locked, of course--a bit hopped up on black tea, ready for more work.


C. Troubadour said...

How quaint! (And perhaps a little unsettling to be barged in on, but easily remedied.)

Random discovery: I have figured out how to add line breaks back into posts! It's under "options" to the right when you're composing. You toggle whether you want "enter" to count as a line break or if you prefer to enter it using HTML tags. Was that what was messing with your format?

loveskidlit said...

Oh my goodness! That could have been an unpleasant experience for both you and cheerful stranger! Hubby did something sort of like that when he skyped me yesterday and, out of the blue, turned "me" around to show I was at a restaurant dinner table, with a bunch of people I didn't know. I scrambled to a seating position, as everyone waved at me. As I was lying on the bed here in the guesthouse, I felt very exposed and disheveled although, thank goodness, decent!

And C. Troubador, thanks for that tip. I was having that problem too!