Monday, May 28, 2012

I feel like Emma Woodhouse

Yesterday, I arrived in London after a fairly smooth flight (we had some major turbulence about an hour in--accompanied by a few shouts and spilled beverages--but fortunately it did not last long). I don't really care for flying, so I'm always very happy to get back on the ground. London, yesterday, was sunny and HOT. I'm not sure of the temperature, but it was probably mid to high 70s. Maybe even 80. Today, my Welsh cab driver told me that this is the hottest it's been in about 28 years. Maybe that's just for this Welsh town, but maybe for the UK as a whole. I'm not sure. Either way, after arriving in London and checking into my hotel, I had a lovely time walking through Regent's Park, people watching. Loads of people were out and about, enjoying the day. Today, I took the train to my university town in Wales. I love the train ride. It's so relaxing, and the countryside, especially as I get closer to uni-town, is beautiful. Now, I'm sitting in my hotel room, looking out my window at the hillside that is dotted with sheep. I posted a picture of the hotel a few posts back, and I wish I could add some now, but I don't know that I can do it from the iPad. But it's wonderful. I haven't had time to look around much because, when I arrived, the hotel was very busy serving high tea. I think people drive here from town for the afternoon tea service. So I've been sitting in my room, catching up with email and the online writing group , all the while looking out of my window, listening to the sheep. After I finish this post, I think I might poke around downstairs, and then come up and read in my window seat until I go to dinner. I miss my family, but I'm so excited to have this opportunity to be here and get work done, all while staying in a Georgian Mansion. When I caught the taxi at the train station and told the driver my destination, the first thing he said was, "I don't know if I should tell you this, but they say that that place is kind of spooky . . . " (It appears that I'm having paragraphing issues similar to those of loveskidslit. My apologies! Let's blame the iPad, shall we?)


QueSera said...

Sounds gorgeous! Enjoy the view and work time.

CK said...

Oh, lovely! Have a wonderful time.

How's the spooky factor so far?