Sunday, September 28, 2008

Current Events

A list of weekend events:

  1. Began mourning Paul Newman's death.
  2. Took the kids to view the crab tank at the fish market.
  3. Got snacks at the health food store.
  4. Visited new baby niece at the hospital (mom and baby are well!).
  5. Visited turtle/reptile show at which son held many snakes and at which husband was bit by a corn snake.
  6. Went to mom-and-kids (i.e., no dads) potluck gathering at which I felt like a character on "Thirtysomething."
  7. Came home to conduct bath and bed time routine.
  8. Watched first episode of Mad Men.
  1. Got up early with kids.
  2. Watched a show about whales.
  3. Watched beginning of 101 Dalmations.
  4. Watched Meet the Press and Chris Matthews.
  5. Went pier fishing. Caught mackerel, crabs, and lots of seaweed.
  6. Watched kids play at park. Ate linguica while sitting on the grass.
  7. Drove home, back to the fog.
  8. Bathed children.
  9. Ate great pasta made by Husband.
  10. Conducted story time and other bedtime activities.
  11. Got on computer.
  12. Am now sitting next to Husband who is reading an article about Palin on his computer.
  13. Will then probably move onto something from Netflix with some port and chocolate.
A great weekend (except for the Paul Newman part). But conspicuously absent: Exercise and Dissertation Research.

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