Friday, September 5, 2008

So Knowledge is a Bad Thing?

I'm watching Washington Week, and a pundit just said, "Joe Biden will have to be careful in his debate with Palin. He doesn't want to show too much knowledge."


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Natasha Becoming Something said...

Yeeahhh... that's weird.

Again, I don't understand why politicians can't bring themselves to say, "Yes, I shouldn't have done that. But I learned my lesson and here's why I would never do it again." or "I'm not sure. But I care very much about finding a solution to that problem and will seek advice from experienced politicians as well as the citizens of this country until we find a resolution that's as perfect as can be."

I think people would vote for someone like that because they'd have faith in their motives and respect for their honesty. I don't know why politicians and business people feel like they have to come across as THE expert all the time. It doesn't fool most of us anyway.

This is, however, the most human election you've had.