Monday, September 1, 2008

Maybe My Most Embarrassing Teaching Moment

Backstory: At home, all day long, my kids talk to me. Constantly, they talk. Often, I'm distracted or I don't hear them, so I find myself saying "What, Sweetie?" a bazillion times a day.

So, I'm in class on Monday, passing back papers. I'm looking at the names, sorting through them, while students are talking amongst themselves. A voice off to my right says something. And I respond:

"What, Sweetie?"

I realized my mistake in one second or less. That voice had come from a 20-ish young man in my class who was asking me a question. And I called him "Sweetie."

Color me mortified. And bright red.

Lots of giggles all around, with me trying to apologize and backtrack so that no one could press charges against me.

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