Monday, September 8, 2008

My Eyes Are Not Good Enough

A couple of days ago, something happened for the very first time. I was looking at label on some kind of jar or tube and I had to move it FARTHER away in order to see it. Do you know what this means? Bifocals--that's what it means. My near vision is going buh-bye.

But how can that be possible if I'm still nearsighted? It must be possible, because I think my mother and her sisters (and everyone else in my family) are nearsighted and still cannot read close up after a certain age. Everyone has reading glasses or bifocals or one contact in and one contact out. So I guess this means that I cannot see near, and I cannot see far. I think the Law of the Excluded Middle is somehow at play here.

So the big Four Oh is next month. Is this what happens when one turns 40? The eyes get old and weary and tell you to just shut of the computer and go to bed early because what's the point of being awake when you're so old? I've spent the past hour looking at other blogs, catching up on my reading so-to-speak, and now my eyes are too shot to stare at the screen while I write my own blog. When did my eyes start hurting from looking at the computer? Is it because I've been staring at the computer on dark evenings after the children have gone sleepy-leap?

My eyes are now telling me to turn of the computer, have some port and chocolate, and see if I can find anything good on one of my three channels (okay, I actually have about six or seven channels, but only three are in English). I can't even proofread this or my forehead will implode.

For help with your own computer/vision problems, click here. (Photo courtesy of Brian Basset and Microsoft Corporation--please don't sue me guys!)

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