Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy Mommying

I've been short on kidcare, so I haven't had time to post or work. But it's been great to have so much fun with the kiddie-poos. It will also be great to really dig back into my research in a few days.

This is the life: research and family. What a nice combo. It will get much more stressful when I add teaching (and actual dissertation writing) back into the mix.

But for now, life is a joy.

If only someone would keep my house clean. Deep down clean. And spotless. Then I would feel at peace.


medieval woman said...

that actually does sound delightful (not the poo per se, but the mommying) - I hope to be able to add mommying to my mix of research and teaching one day soon!

penelope said...

You know what they say, a clean house is the sign of an unlived life or something like that. So have fun *not* cleaning!!!!! :)

baxie said...

where are those robot maids they promised us back in the 60's?