Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Dog is Poisoned. Again.

A few weeks ago, the dog ate a Lyra wax crayon and had a scary reaction. He was running around like a mad creature, his face looked weird and scrunchy, he was panting, and he seemed to be having hallucinations. Just as we were about to take him to the emergency clinic, he started to get better. We induced vomiting (as per instructions on the Internet for what to do about crayon ingestion by a dog), and he settled down and seemed fine. Tip: Be sure your dog doesn't eat art crayons or paint ball pellets, which also contain polyethylene, the suspect ingredient. (BTW, did you know that if you call the poison hotline for animals that you have to maneuver through several automatic steps before finally being asked to pay $60 before you can talk to anyone?)

Then, yesterday (or possibly the night before), he snatched a closed bottle of Tylenol Meltaways off of the table. I'm sure he liked the rattle it made when he dropped it and/or shook it. Imagine his glee when, after chewing on it with his big doggie jaws, the top popped off and sweet, little tablets came out. Apparently, acetaminophen is very toxic for dogs (and cats, for that matter). At this point, we're giving him various treatments and hoping he doesn't have liver damage.

He's getting into things, I think, because he's a bit stir crazy since he had a splint on his leg for two-and-a-half weeks because of a pulled tendon, and we couldn't walk him or take him hiking. He has cabin fever.

Really, we are very good to our dog, and we don't have munchausen syndrome by proxy (dog version). We just have a spazzy, gluttonous puppy who twisted his paw during his puppy crazies and who keeps gobbling up whatever he can. And boy are his toots stinky.

In the past three weeks, we've had to pay about $650 for his medical bills (oh yeah, he had to be anesthetized so that some of his baby teeth could be pulled. His permanent incisors came in without the baby ones falling out). And we got him at the humane society, thinking he'd be cheap. I guess there is no such thing. . .

With these kind of bills, why am I even bothering giving up my ice-blended mochas and other coffee shop goodies?

Poor stinky butt.


baxie said...

the wife's aunt is fond of Irish Wolfhounds, which are striking animals but dumb as lead paint.

A previous beast ate a sock, which somehow twisted its intestine in a knot, which triggered a series of surgeries that ran north of 10k and necessitated her husband cutting short his retirement to make ends meet.

The hound survived the ordeal, but the life spans of Irish Wolfhounds being what they are it passed away two years later.

Good luck with your pooch!

medieval woman said...

Oh yuck - that's awful! I'm so sorry - I'm sure he'll be okay - especially if he's a young guy...

Thanks for the pet scare solidarity!!

penelope said...

Hope your pup is on the mend and feeling much better!!!

Good Enough Woman said...

Thanks! I need to make a follow-up appointment to get his liver enzymes checked. He SEEMS normal, but who knows.