Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Something is Wrong with Me

This morning I thought I'd get an early start on my reading and research. I'm a bit under the weather, so I skipped exercise and volunteering at my son's school (which he was very happy about because he doesn't like it when I visit his kindergarten class. He says that I distract him). But I did have to make a quick trip to the P.O. And, after that, did I come straight home and get to work? No, I picked today as the day to purchase a clothesline and drying rack so that I could go green (ish) in the laundry room. So, instead of working and not spending any money, I spend about $19-20 on green gear. And now, instead of reading, I'm blogging, drinking a smoothie*, and waiting for the wash cycle to finish so that I can, for the first time in this house (what took me so long?), put our clothes outside to dry. And it's a BEAUTIFUL day. This is the most excited I've been about laundry in quite a while.

Maybe on Thursday, I'll procrastinate by starting a composting system (because, no, I haven't done that yet either! But better late than never).

*BTW, the smoothie is homemade and quite yummy. It includes the organic strawberry juice leftover from yesterday, an organic apple, ginger root, organic spinach, a banana, some green powder (that is old and, I hope, still safe for consumption), and ice. Cheers!


baxie said...

homemade smoothies qualify as food, not decadence.

You're off the hook for that one!

baxie said...

also, did you tell me y'all are living in the LO these days?

maybe we'll be neighbors!

penelope said...

So...what are you writing your dissertation on? I love your progress-o-rama on the sidebar.

And I can definitely relate to how everything becomes infinitely more interesting when the alternative is to work on one's research.

Good Enough Woman said...

The dissertation is on Eliza Haywood. I finished my MA about eight years ago. Since then, I've taught at the community college for ten years, gotten married, and had two kids. Now I'm getting my PhD at a university in the UK. I feel rusty and out of my league! But I love studying Haywood and all of the context that's relevant to my topic.