Monday, November 10, 2008

Stretching the Apron Strings

My husband says that everything at home is great but that whenever the Girl gets sad about something, she says, "When is Mommy coming home?" (and I'm sure there is crying or near-crying involved). This gives me a great desire to snuggle with the children. I miss them terribly.

Times like this, it's hard to feel like a good enough mommy.


Petunia Face said...

Hey Sally,
I don't think I ever commented back after you left that super sweet comment on my blog. So, um, hi. I love your blog and the concept of the Good Enough Woman, the Voltaire quote, everything. Because right about now I'm feeling like the Beaten Down (Enough!) Woman. You know--the economy, blah blah.

But anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Or Cheerio considering you're in the UK. Although something tells me nobody really says that.

Have a great trip!

outside voice said...

You are, you are, you are! More than Good Enough!

I hope your work is coming along very well...