Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top Reasons This Trip to London has Started Off Better Than the Last

  1. There was no storm with gale force winds at my hometown airport.
  2. There was no loss of power at my hometown airport.
  3. My first flight did not get canceled because of weather.
  4. I did not have to ask my husband to drive me to SF to catch a connection the next morning.
  5. I did not get re-booked onto a flight that went through Chicago. (Thus, I did not miss a connection in Chicago).
  6. My aircraft did not get struck by lightening.
  7. I did not have to walk through a tunnel at Heathrow that smelled like pee.
  8. My B & B room is not dingy, depressing, or unsafe.
  9. The breakfast area at my B & B is not in a hot basement with no windows.
  10. Because I have my computer, a few DVDs, and access to Netflix, I am not stuck with late night British TV when the jet lag kicks in.
In fact, my flights were on time (gasp!), smooth, and relaxing (I'm not kidding!). I even had podcasts of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on my i-Pod to give me laughs along the way.

Now, I'm in my B & B room, enjoying fresh air though my OPEN window that looks out over a small garden, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi. I think I'll make some tea before heading out to check out the local eateries.

Too bad it's Sunday and the British Library (which is only two blocks away!) is closed (I think). Tomorrow morning, I take a train to PhD town, but do any of you, dear readers, have tips for what I should do next Sunday when I have a full day in London? I'm thinking maybe the British Museum or possibly the house of a famous writer.


medieval woman said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! I think I might know where you're staying if the BL is only 2 blocks away...

One eating suggestion: in Lamb's Conduit Road (love the name) there is a really good Italian place if it's still there - and The Lamb is a good pub. Also, if you're out for a good, touristy time, go to the Tower of London!

Glad your trip was safe and smooth!

baxie said...

You win!

The cosmic balance is maintained.

no suggestions here, other than a selfish wish that you visit the Tate and take in some of their fantastic Symbolist paintings.

penelope said...

No suggestions, just a wish for happy traveling and researching. :)