Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Arrival's Gate

So I'm up late grading papers with the TV on in the background, which is probably not a good idea because I got totally caught up in watching Wallander on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS. Have you seen it?

So, anyway, now I'll be up even later.

And then, I flipped to the last few minutes of an SNL special that focused on film shorts. There were "Deep Thoughts" from Jack Handey, which I have always though to be hilarious. And then the program ended with a short called " Homeward Bound" from the first SNL episode ever (I think). It featured a song by Paul Simon along with images of people at airports greeting their deplaning loved ones. Reminded me of Ani DiFranco's song "The Arrivals Gate," and really reminded me of when we used to be able to do that--go all the way to the gate to say "goodbye" or "hello" to our traveling loved ones. Shoot, I remember when you could actually get on the plane with someone to say "goodbye." I remember my dad doing that at the end of a summer visit.

A lot of the time, I hate that I live so far from an airport hub and that I have to take puddle-jumpers all the time. On the flip side, when I come home from a trip, my kids and husband are right there when I walk through the door. No deplaning by myself, walking alone to baggage claim. It's straight in the door and straight to the hugging and kissing.


Contemporary Troubadour said...

I remember that time too. Made goodbyes harder for my husband and me even though it was also nice to be able to sit together at the gate, waiting for his flight (or mine) to be called.

I will be leaving for Seattle from a puddle-jumper airport (8 gates total!). I also remember coming home for winter break to that airport when my parents still lived in Illinois. Total distance from plane to reunion was probably 200 feet :)

TKW said...

So odd, I was thinking about that yesterday when we flew home. It's so lonely at the gate now.

baxie said...

The best part of the uneven Love, Actually was documentary footage from the airport gates.

Ink said...

I remember the plane goodbyes, too (which meant getting onto so many planes all tearily blind).

And right on, Baxie. That makes me cry, too, watching LA.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I love that video clip. I've seen it too!
I remember leaving Hawaii and Jeff came to the airport to say goodbye. He stood at the window waving while I waved from the airplane window, bawling. Everybody cries when they leave Hawaii.

Good Enough Woman said...

Yep, TSB. When I was leaving after my visit to you in Hawaii, I cried.