Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am very grumpy today. I can't remember the last time I felt this down and grumpy. Perhaps it was grading online research papers and discovering that so many of them were so bad. Perhaps it was talking to my department chair about a plagiarism case. Perhaps its feeling as if I've been grading and grading and still I don't have any of my courses finished (because the online class is so labor-intensive to finish).

Whatever. I am irritable and trying to shake it.

I think things will get better after I submit grades for the online class and for the other comp class. Then, it's just some literature finals and things should go more quickly.

Perhaps this port and chocolate will help.

Or, perhaps, watching this episode of Independent Lens about the Holocaust will put things into perspective. It profiles a guy who says, "I had a very unique Holocaust experience. I was in the camp with my wife and my girlfriend. It was very difficult." It's a love story.


Academic, Hopeful said...

Rats. I am late on this one. I imagine or hope you've shaken off the ickiness and you're feeling more fresh and sparkly today. If not, you've probably had a lot going on for a long time now and your mind and body need a break (and sense they're about to get one).

Until you can have the genuine 'aahhh, relax' feeling, try to keep things small and manageable, keep up the chocolate and mini-breaks/fresh air, and try to not be too impressed by your grumpy moods. We all get them and they suck, but they usually pass.

Ink said...

I hope you're feeling much better today! (And that sounds like QUITE the emotionally taxing group of activities, so no wonder you were grumpy. Hugs to you.)

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Port and chocolate -- definitely the way to go. Hope the quality curve to the research papers had an upward swing to it towards the end.