Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in London

Well, I'm back in London. I'm excited about my plans for tomorrow, but I'm bummed about my hotel room. My favorite hotel, the Euro Hotel, was booked for this weekend, so I found a room at a place about 100 yards from the Euro. But this place seems to suck. Okay, maybe "suck" is too strong a word, but I guess I've been spoiled by the Euro, which I love. At the Euro, the rooms are small but sort of charming, and I usually have a nice view over the garden. It's bright and clean, it feels safe, and a lot of families stay there. It just feels warm and welcoming, and it makes me happy.

In my current hotel, I'm below the ground floor in a long, tiny, shabby room. There is a window (thanks be to Apollo!), but it doesn't bring in a whole lot of light. As for the bed, which was already rumpled when I came in, it seems super flimsy, and the sheets are scratchy. Plus, I'm right next to the breakfast room, which is bound to be noisy and smelly. I asked if there might be a different room on an upper floor with a better window, but no dice. I think the guy just didn't want to bother.

Plus, I miss the nice, young Eastern Europeon women who run the Euro. I think having the women around makes me feel more comfortable since I'm traveling alone. Here in my dungeon room with a man at the desk, I'm not as relaxed. When I stay at the Euro, I don't mind that I share the bathrooms on the floor with others. Here, I am very glad I have a toilet and shower en suite.

Well, at least I probably won't be here much during the day tomorrow. I plan to head over to the Samuel Johnson House Museum in the morning. Today is Dr. Johnson's birthday! 300 years old! I'm missing the cake celebration at his house today, but admission is free tomorrow as the celebration continues. After that, if I have time, I'll go to the Enlightenment Room at the British Museum. Then I'll come back to my sad little hotel room.

In a few minutes, I'm going to go get some dinner. Then I'll come back to my sad little hotel room.


TKW said...

Argh! I hate it when your hotel sucks! We had this shithole in Paris once that drove us mad. Right above the Metro--the whole building shook every 15-20 minutes.

Hope you don't spend much time in the dungeon!

Good Enough Woman said...

TKW, Exactly! After I wrote the post, I realized that I can hear the underground trains. Every. Other. Minute. Occasionally, it's every four or six minutes. What a reprieve. I hear one right now . . .

Ink said...

Too bad you missed your fave room. But if anyone bothers you in your dungeon, just poke them with Neptune's Trident!

(Btw, your hearing trains comment made me think of My Cousin's not that bad, is it?)

Studentmum said...

Put Buffy on, lock the door & admire Angel!
Enjoy your museum visits.

Good Enough Woman said...

Someone just opened the door while I was typing! I poked her with Neptune's Trident! Thanks, Ink! (Actually, I just said, "Hello?", and she left.)

It was a noisy night, but it must not have been too bad since I slept almost 12 hours. I fell asleep even before I could watch Buffy!